Great review on DownBeat Magazine **** August issue !!

My latest album "Butterflies and Zebras" by Ditmas Quartet on Fresh Sound New Talent got 4 stars! on DownBeat's August issue... Yeehaw!! Dreams sometimes come true -no publicist-. Now back to writing new music... Big thanks to Josef Woodard for the wonderful review!!! Peace
You can read the whole review on the following link, page 78

“On her striking new album, pianist composer Eva Novoa, aided and abetted by quartet members (Michaël Attias on alto saxophone, Max Johnson on bass and Jeff Davis on drums), offers up further evidence of the current surge of creative energy coming out of Brooklyn. This is a shining example of 21st-century contemporary jazz, balancing spotlighted glories with a strong ensemble identity. 
Opening with a sturdy declaration of sound and intent, the record begins in an empathetic yet slippery way, with the snaky Orenette-esque melody of Davis’ tune “Spicy Water”. On that tune and beyond, Attias’ alto –adroit and artful- serves as a potent voice. Elsewhere he shows solid, curiosity-fueled impulses on the aptly nerve-buzzing “Pre-Nerve Scale” and the angular “La Part Maudite”. 
A bold and restless pianist, moving easily between acute precision and painterly fervor, Novoa is also in command of compositional strategies, conveying a discernible creative voice. Half the album consists of her originals: The quasi minimalist piece “The Drone”, built on a hypnotically looping cascade of lines, contrasts with the short, punch-drunk shuffle “Jack Nicholson” and the Carla Bley-ish ballad “Coffee Stain”. 
Looping back around to the cohesive group at hand, the album closes with a shout-out from the pianist-leader to the drummer. “For Jeff” is a fairly mesmerizing, slow-growing crescendo of a tune. Clearly, this is a band –and a record- to bend an ear toward”. -Josef Woodard

Novoa / Sonderegger / Bates / Gray

I will be curating the night at IBeam. 
I am thrilled to be playing with great friends who I truly enjoy playing with and whom I also admire for what they do and who they are. Please join us for this very special night at IBeam. 
I will be playing a first set / Duo with Sean Sonderegger. Then following we will play a second set with the whole band in a quartet set up. 

8:30 pm
Sean Sonderegger, tenor sax
Eva Novoa, piano & chinese gongs

9:30 pm
Sean Sonderegger, tenor sax
Eva Novoa, piano
Michael Bates, bass
Devin Gray, drums

Come on down & support live music!!! 

IBeam is located on 168 7th st in Brooklyn, NY 11215

Ditmas Quartet at Barbès


DITMAS QUARTET: Butterflies and Zebras
Michaël Attias, alto saxophone
Eva Novoa, piano
Max Johnson, bass
Jeff Davis, drums
8pm. We will play 90min slot. Come on down! 

Everytime I get to play with this band I get really excited and happy! Plus we have just released our new album "Butterflies and Zebras" which is available on Fresh Sound New Talent. Come and check us out! 

Barbès: 376 9th st, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Ditmas Quartet Cd Release Concert at Korzo's Konceptions Music Series

Please join us for our Cd Release concert at Konceptions Music series at Korzo. 
DITMAS QUARTET: Butterflies and Zebras
Michaël Attias, alto saxophone
Eva Novoa, piano
Max Johnson, bass
Jeff Davis, drums
Come on down and celebrate the beginning of Spring! 

Tuesday March 22nd 2016, 9pm

Korzo is located at 667 5th Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11215

"IF MONK WERE A FREE BOPPER" Great Review by George W. Harris at Jazz Weekly in CA!

Here is a very nice review on Jazz Weekly about our new album Butterflies and Zebras by Ditmas Quartet... thank you George Harris in CA!! 

"Novoa’s ectomorphic touch is both explorative, extrapolating and exciting as she and Attias’ pungent alto appear like a rolling ball of yarn that slowly unravels downhill and somehow rewinds on “The Drone” and the frenetic “Pre-Nerve Scale.”

Read whole Review here:

Radio Interview/ Entrevista a Scanner FM

Entrevista interessant per Scanner FM, Bad Music Jazz. Gràcies Martí Farrer Sender! 
Bad Music Jazz número 148, el programa de jazz de la factoria Bad Music Radio, a scannerFM, aquí:

Interesting interview for Scanner FM, Bad Music Jazz. Thanks to Martí Farrer Sender! Bad Music Jazz number 148, the jazz radio program from Bad Music Radio, at scannerFM, here:


Radio Interview with Pere Pons for national radio RNE4

Hola amics de Barcelona. Aquí podeu escoltar l'entrevista que em va fer en Pere Pons al programa L'home del Jazz, emesa el 17 de gener a Radio4 en el programa de la 1a hora, al minut 28:09. També podreu escoltar dos temes del meu nou treball "Butterflies and Zebras" per Ditmas Quartet. Gràcies Pere!! Salut!

Hello friends from Barcelona. Here you can listen to a radio interview I had with Pere Pons for the public radio station Radio4, broadcasted on the program L'home del Jazz on January 17 on the 1st hour, 28:09... if you'd like to hear me speaking Catalan! You can also listen to two tracks of my new album "Butterflies and Zebras" by Ditmas Quartet. Thank you Pere!! Peace.

Next album Butterflies and Zebras to be mixed in early August and released on Fresh Sound New Talent!


Excited about mixing my next album in early August! I am happy to announce "Butterflies and Zebras", by Ditmas Quartet, will be released on Fresh Sound New Talent. Each recording is different, each photo of a moment is truly different and unique. The music is always new, challenging and full of different emotions each time. The learning process is endless. I feel really fortunate that I am and chose to be a musician, a pianist and a composer. And by that I get to work with amazing and dedicated musicians. It feels just right to listen back, make choices and process that great picture of a moment so it becomes alive. Peace.Estoy muy contenta de mezclar mi próximo disco a principios de agosto! Tengo el placer de anunciar que "Butterflies and Zebras", por Ditmas Quartet, será editado por el sello Fresh Sound New Talent. Cada grabación es diferente, cada foto de un momento es realmente diferente y única. La música es siempre nueva, desafiante y cargada de emociones distintas cada vez. El proceso de aprendizaje es interminable. Me siento muy afortunada de ser y de haber elegido ser músico, pianista y compositora. Y por ello tengo la oportunidad de trabajar con músicos increíbles y dedicados. Sienta realmente bien escuchar de nuevo, tomar decisiones para procesar esa gran fotografía de un momento y que ésta cobre vida. Salud.

New York, July 2015.

New recording: Ditmas Quartet is going into Sear Sound studio in June


Really excited about my next album/ studio recording next month. Some pictures of a moment need to just happen and this one needs to happen now. So Ditmas Quartet will be recording new compositions by all of us at Sear Sound studio in early June. Can't wait to play on that beautiful piano Steinway D beast they have there... Michaël Attias, Max Johnson and Jeff Davis are my partners in crime this time. I love these guys and I love their music. Looking forward to this!!!

Ditmas Quartet at ShapeShifter Lab


Our gig at ShapeShifter Lab got cancelled because of the snow storm back in late January. It is rescheduled on March 17th.

Please, come on down and join us at ShapeShifter Lab!

Michaël Attias, alto sax
Eva Novoa, piano
Max Johnson, bass
Jeff Davis, drums


Tuesday March 17th, 8:15pm
ShapeShifter Lab
18 Whitwell Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215



Novoa / Kamaguchi Duo at Seeds


Looking forward to playing with bass player and friend Masa Kamaguchi who is in town this month. Please, join us for a very special night at Seeds.

Previous band/ set also not to miss!

Eva Novoa, piano Masa Kamaguchi, bass

Wednesday Jan 28th, 10:00 pm Seeds 617 Vanderbilt Av (Bergen & St Marks) Brooklyn, NY 11238

8:30 pm Vinnie Sperazza Trio Vinnie Sperrazza - Drums Jacob Sacks - Piano Masa Kamaguchi - Bass

Fresh Sound New Talent CD release celebration 




Eva Novoa Quartet at Jamboree Jazz Club soon to be broadcasted on Radio4

In March I was in Barcelona to present my latest recording Eva Novoa Quartet released on the label Fresh Sound New Talent. With Ernesto Aurignac on alto saxophone, Masa Kamaguchi on bass and André Sumelius on drums. It was indeed a very special night at Jamboree Jazz Club. Our performance was recorded live. This concert will soon be broadcasted by the national radio Ràdio 4, in the program "L'Home del Jazz" presented by Pere Pons. Coming soon!



Ditmas Quartet at Barbes in July


Ditmas Quartet: Michaël Attias, alto saxophone Eva Novoa, piano Max Johnson, bass Jeff Davis, drums Barbès Wednesday July 16th 7pm set

You don't want to miss this very special setting... Please come on down!

Ditmas Quartet was formed in 2013 in Brooklyn and is a collaboration between pianist Eva Novoa, saxophonist Michaël Attias, bassist Max Johnson & drummer Jeff Davis. This quartet experiments with diverse sounds and textures. The band members play mostly their own original compositions giving lots of freedom in their playing making each performance different and unique. It is an organic ensemble where each member participates and contributes equally to the repertoire and improvisations with a colourful approach and powerful sound. Expect melodic themes and unisons, catchy rhythms and grooves, Jazz and also cooking swing at some point. You don't want to miss this very special setting! Michaël Attias - Alto Saxophone; Eva Novoa - Piano; Max Johnson - Bass; Jeff Davis - Drums.