New album by Ditmas Quartet, Butterflies and Zebras out now on Fresh Sound New Talent

DITMAS QUARTET: Butterflies and Zebras
Michaël Attias, alto saxophone
Eva Novoa, piano & fender rhodes
Max Johnson, bass
Jeff Davis, drums
Recorded at Sear Sound, by Amandine Pras in June 2015 in NYC
Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Loucas at Sear Sound
Artwork by Valérie Trucchia
Liner Notes by Matt Mitchell
Released by Fresh Sound New Talent, January 27th 2016

This came out today and is available now!! It has been an amazing trip and day so far. I started going to the MoMA earlier in the morning to check out Picasso's Sculpture exhibition... what a blast it is to admire his work so near and from close. And here's how my day is ending today: with great news. New album came out today... HAPPY! feeling very fortunate, grateful and truly excited about the coming work that will follow this recording and this music. All my efforts and the huge amounts of work I have put into this have been totally worth it. Life just happens once. 
Big thank you to all the people involved in this project, first of all to the musicians MichaëlMax, and Jeff, for your amazing energy every time we get to play together, for sharing, playing, trusting, no thinking involved in the process and just feeling nicely our music together, and for pushing me into the studio and giving everything and more at Sear Sound back in June 2015. We together made and took an amazing picture of a musical moment. We'll continue this zebra's ride in our next upcoming concerts next spring. Stay tuned! We will have our Cd Release on March 22nd at Korzo Konceptions Music series. -Thanks to James Carney for hosting the release-. Looking forward to it! 
Thank you to Amandine Pras and Jeremy Loucas for making the most amazing sound ever possible: without you and the hours we spent sitting down talking, listening, working hard, this cd would just not be here and would not sound like this. Thank you to Jeremy again for sharing your creative touch, the analog experience at the mastering session and for your great immense support always! Also big thanks to all the people at Sear Sound, special thanks to Roberta Finlay. You're a great team up there in midtown. 
Special thanks to Matt Mitchell for writing the inside liner notes of the cd, for your music and for all your continued support through the years.
Thank you Valerie Trucchia, for giving shape to the zebras and the butterflies, for understanding my music and graphic mind, and for being an amazing artist and beautiful friend. 
Thank you to Jordi Pujol at Fresh Sound Records and his continued support and trust. 
Thank you Richard Sandler for your great words, support, and for listening to this recording at an early stage and giving me your precious feedback. 
Huge thanks to my family, special thanks to my mother and my sisters for always supporting me, for being brave women, for inspiring me in so many ways and for being the strongest courageous people I have ever met in the whole world. You make me learn loads every day... Thanks to all my friends, who are my adoptive families in different corners of the world... all the beautiful people I have met here in New York, in The Netherlands my second country, in my beloved hometown Barcelona to name just a few corners. You all know who you are. I am grateful to have you near and present every day. THANK YOU to you all for helping me to imagine, write, compose, rehearse, listen, re-listen and ultimately create this new piece of music made from the heart. I miss you all and wish to share this great joy with you soon. 
Finally, thank you enormously and with deepest Love to my Father for creating me, for all the love, kindness, generosity and knowledge you gave me all this years, for being my friend, for your guidance, for inspiring me so much in so many ways, for all I have shared with you, for gifting and inspiring this Music and what is my first recording made here in New York. Thanks to you dad for whom this album and joy today are fully dedicated. In your memory. I LOVE YOU DAD. TE QUIERO PAPÁ.