Ditmas Quartet at Barbes in July


Ditmas Quartet: Michaël Attias, alto saxophone Eva Novoa, piano Max Johnson, bass Jeff Davis, drums Barbès Wednesday July 16th 7pm set


You don't want to miss this very special setting... Please come on down!

Ditmas Quartet was formed in 2013 in Brooklyn and is a collaboration between pianist Eva Novoa, saxophonist Michaël Attias, bassist Max Johnson & drummer Jeff Davis. This quartet experiments with diverse sounds and textures. The band members play mostly their own original compositions giving lots of freedom in their playing making each performance different and unique. It is an organic ensemble where each member participates and contributes equally to the repertoire and improvisations with a colourful approach and powerful sound. Expect melodic themes and unisons, catchy rhythms and grooves, Jazz and also cooking swing at some point. You don't want to miss this very special setting! Michaël Attias - Alto Saxophone; Eva Novoa - Piano; Max Johnson - Bass; Jeff Davis - Drums.