solo concert at IBeam and upcoming concerts!

here are a few concerts I'd like to let you know about... first of all I'm performing a solo concert this coming saturday... me & myself at the piano... yes, where? iBeam in Brooklyn, when? 8pm, why? guess what... because it's summer!!... and I will be bringing my Chinese gongs with me really hoping to see some friendly faces during the early set... if you'd like to see me whispering to my gongs now and then and doing what I most love to do: playing the piano... you may even hear me whistle... ... 

I am currently writing new music which I will also play in a special solo set up this time, for your ears only... and Randy Thaler's ears too, as he is going to be recording both sets. 

I will be curating the night at iBeam. Kenneth Jiménez Trio will play the second set... Kenneth plays the bass and writes cool music. he is bringing a great band. here are further details and other interesting concerts of mine that I am excited about in the coming weeks and months... music, music, music... isn't that why we are ALL here?! 

also! my next album -fourth album as a leader- Live At iBeam by Ditmas Quartet just came out two days ago!! it is released on Fresh Sound New Talent

Michaël Attiasalto & baritone saxophones; 

Eva Novoapiano/ compositions & Chinese gongs; 

Max Johnsonbass; 

Jeff Davisdrums 

mixed and mastered at Sear Sound in NY by Jeremy Loucas. 

it is also part of this music announcement: you will see the details further below... just scroll down & click on the FSNT link at the bottom. more details & updates related to this wonderful project and band coming soon... stay tuned! 


Saturday July 21st (7/21) 

8:00 Eva Novoa, solo concert

Eva Novoa, piano & Chinese Gongs 

9:00 Kenneth Jiménez Trio

Kenneth Jiménez, bass 

Santiago Leibson, piano, 

Juan Pablo Carletti, drums


Friday July 27th (7/27)

8:30 Novoa / Makabe / Takeishi

Emi Makabe, vocals & shamisen 

Eva Novoa, piano

Satoshi Takeishi, drums


Saturday August 18th (8/18) 

9:00 Novoa / Noriega / Gress / Rainey

Oscar Noriega, alto saxophone

Eva Novoa, piano

Drew Gress, bass

Tom Rainey, drums 


Friday September 14th (9/14) 

9:00 Eva Novoa Trio

Eva Novoa, piano

Drew Gress, bass

Devin Gray, drums 



168 7th st

Brooklyn, NY 11215

F/G trains to 4th Av - 9th St


no beer - no alcohol - 100% music

thanks for reading



new album! 

Click here: 


Dates and Recording in Miami, FL

Excited I will be traveling to Miami, FL again to perform my music with this great great band:

-Monday Feb 20th at Lagniappe 9pm
-Thursday Feb 23rd at Floyd 11pm
-Friday Feb 24th at Roam 6:30pm

-Saturday Feb 25 recording at Echo Beach studios (all brand new music)

Eva Novoa, piano/ compositions
Rainer Davies, electric guitar & effects
Kenneth Jimenez, double bass
Arturo Garcia, drums

really looking forward to this!